Taking the Time to Write it Right (Write, Edit, Revise, Repeat)

On December 26th I had the idea to write a book.  It was actually the idea to write a story across two or three full length novels.  Something hit me and said, ‘Yes. You can do this.’  I was nervous and hesitant but after a few days decided that yes, I could do it.  I started the novel before the end of the year.  Less than six weeks later I had my first draft of the first novel and had started the second.  I thought I was going to be published in just a couple of months and then reality threw egg on my face.

In my excitement over completing that first draft I thought it was pretty awesome. I thought I must be pretty amazing.  Ha!  I asked a few people to read it for feedback only to have to ask them NOT to read it.  Editing! Hello!  Editing!  I had great feedback from one friend that along with general editing and revisions I was able to incorporate.

More than a month later I am still editing.  I’m on round three of reading and revising and now recognize what my English teachers tried to teach me.  Writing is a process. Really. It is a process.  I’m not one for patience, but I have to be patient with myself and with this work if I want to produce something I’m proud of and that people will want to read.  Why put all that time and effort in if you don’t want it to be good.  I mean really good?

So my daydreams of having my first book out by late April has turned into the wishful thinking of having it out sometime this Summer.  This is of course after the current revision process and then having some beta readers give me feedback and my husband critique it and then revising it again.  But that’s just the actual book part.  There’s making a cover, marketing, promotions, press releases, and of course a book signing party that will also take time, in the midst of finalizing book one and beginning the edits on book 2 (yes, I finished the first draft of book 2 as well. I’m a little crazy but I was rolling).

So naïve excitement and egoism has transformed into moderated excitement and realism.  A book isn’t born in a couple of months and that’s okay.  I want to do it the right way.

-Bernette is a multi-genre author of paranormal science-fiction, inspirational, non-fiction, and poetry. Her short piece “Thinking Baby! Own Your Fertility, Create the Garden for Your Seeds to Grow” is available on Amazon.com. Kindle Unlimited members may read for free.

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