Sleepless in Atlanta


Last night I made myself turn off the computer by 11:30 and was proud of my resolve.

I would not stay up until 2am trying to squeeze out just a little more creativity.

Especially since my dear husband is traveling this week and I am supposed to be up at 6:30 to get the kids up and off to school. I know a lot of WP members are too young to have to worry about that, but that’s notthe case for me.

I got ready for bed and by 11:45 I had crawled, tired and ready, into bed. I read for a few minutes and by midnight the screen and room were dark and ready for my slumber.

Restless and still quite awake, I peeked at the clock, 12:10. I considered staying up to give my husband a wakeup call at 12:45 since he’s in Europe. But, that would mean staying up another thirty five minutes. No, I would go to sleep.

But go to sleep I did not. All the thoughts of stories and plots and decisions around self publishing versus finding a publisher kept my mind on overdrive. 12:20am. I decided to just look up the reviews of one of the imprints I was thinking about. Maybe I would stay up for that 12:45 call, but no, I’m tired, I thought. 12:27.


I told myself to try and sleep. I started trying to push the thoughts out but it was like pushing on soft butter, they just spread. So I was forced to get up and grab my phone again to write a paragraph to insert into my Out of the Woods story. I am now going to sleep I said once again.

I dozed lightly only for the thought of calling my husband to jar me back awake at 12:47. I quickly called him and after a couple of minutes I hung up. Sleep would finally come.


I mean really, what’s the point of going to bed on time if I can’t sleep?

I tossed, turned, pulled covers up, pushed them down, fluffed my pillow, added a pillow, got rid of a pillow, and pondered the uselessness of it all until sleep finally rescued me from myself after 2am.

Do you have any idea how much I could have written in that time?

But tonight, I will go to bed on time and go to sleep. (Insert Hypnotic suggestion).

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