Name Change to Book 2 of Chosen Series?


It is quite likely I will have to modify my the title of the second book of my Chosen series. I checked the title for other releases coming out this fall and there is one by the exact title releasing this month. Sigh. It’s by a NYT Bestselling author and I don’t want my book to get lost.

I still plan to work and get book 2 out by November but must now mull over the title. The plan is to release the eBook first and have the paperback also close to ready so you can get the first two books in the series for Christmas. There is a telling of a story by one of the Keepers about a Festival of Lights that takes place during the Winter Solstice which is a must read.

Anyways, I will be playing around with titles as I edit, get my cover, and do all the other business of self-publishing.

To get started on book 1 you can get it here:


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