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On December 26th I woke up with a vision for a book that would launch me into 2016 and into following a dream I’d let lie dormant for too long.

I chose to be an author. I chose to write. I chose to create worlds that left the confines of my mind to be given breathe through the stroke of each finger against black keys that brought life to words as they went from thought to screen.

In honor of that, I am sharing my stories with you. Beginning December 26th through December 30th several of my books will be completely free to download.

Following are the books I’ve published in 2016. Please take advantage of this gift and download and read as many as you want over the days they are set to free. You may also share and give this gift to others.

A Special Thank You Gift in Honor of my One Year Anniversary(1)

Enjoy the following:

Travel to the future in my Chosen series saga with the building suspension and diversity of Chosen, my debut sci-fi book.

Experience the modern world through the eyes of Goldilocks as she discovers of magic, evil, and love in Out of the Woods.

Take a walk into a paranormal world where a simple mistake could cost an innocent girl her life in Crossed: The Karma Crusades. – This is free to read on Wattpad.

See what a simple bench holds in The Wait, an intriguing short-story.

For aspiring writers, get my book of tips, suggestions, prompts, and resources, FOCUS: How to Write a Four Week First Draft (Use a simple tool I used to stay on task and accountable).

For those with an interest in dowsing and development of spiritual gifts my best-selling book Pendulums and Protection: An Introduction is a great start to developing your intuition.

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FOCUS: How to Write a Four Week First Draft


FOCUS 4 Week First Draft CoverFrom the author who wrote 3 first drafts for a series in less than twelve weeks comes:

FOCUS: How to Write a 4 Week First Draft

Bernette shares what she’s done and includes personal lessons and tips as well as resources and writing prompts. If you are a new author or an established author looking to begin writing a novel or finally get the structure to finish it, this is your book.

FOCUS: How to Write a Four Week First Draft

An insightful and helpful book with resources and tools to help the budding author write a first draft in as little as four weeks. How to create your own progress tracker or download one.

Get the eBook or paperback now

Book One Will Guide You To:

Find An Idea

Outline and Order

Create Your Draft

FOCUS will help any budding or experienced author to:

  • Generate Ideas
  • Be Accountable
  • Be Disciplined
  • Outline and Order Thoughts
  • Consider Characters, Plot, and Setting

Includes Free Writing Prompts, Resources, Help with Formatting a Manuscript, and More

Get Your FOCUS Milestone Tracker and Be Accountable

FOCUS Milestone Tracker

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