Your Creativity – Roll Away the Stone

roll away the stone

This is a small part I want to share from the talk I gave today on Planting Seeds.  (Shout out to Nimo Patel and his Empty Hands CD which inspired the talk’s title)

Creation, in all forms, is a process. Whatever it is you are creating requires a process.  And it requires an allowing and an openness to allow the inspiration to create into our lives.  There must also be the desire, the seed, the soil, the commitment, and the time.  Wherever we are in our creative journey we are exactly where we are supposed to be in this moment.  But we cannot become too comfortable and stay there.  We are either growing or we are dying.  There is little room for stagnation.

But if you know there is a stone in your way, blocking you from your creativity, go ahead and roll away the stone – whether that stone is doubt, fear, hurt, low self-esteem – roll it away.


If you want to hear the song that inspired the title please see it on YouTube.  Unfortunately if you missed my talk, that wasn’t recorded.

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