If You Don’t Like It – It’s FREE

If you don't like itIt's FREE

Did I just say that? Yes, I did.

From March 15th to April 24th get the Chosen ebook for just 99 cents and if you don’t like it, it’s yours free.

If you don't like itIt's FREE

You will receive a credit of 99 cents which you can use towards any of my other books at www.amazon.com/author/bernette. Limited to one per email or person and up to 500 claims.

Just send your receipt as an attachment, showing you purchased the first book of Chosen through Amazon between March 15 and April 24 and provide your email address and the book you’d like a credit for in the body of the email.

BUT What if I Like It???

If you got Chosen and you liked it I hope you’ll continue with book 2 which is planned for the end of April. I would also love to read your review and for you to join my mailing list so you can know when it is released.

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A Little Snippet of a Work in Progress

into the deep

From Chapter 3 of Into the Deep

It’s the story of 2 siblings who are immune to a virus that has ravaged Earth and must escape, with the help of an alien who they blame for what happened on Earth. A simple plan to escape and return turns into something much bigger when they find themselves on a new planet that compels them to go deeper to free the oppressed.


(read and comment on my WIP here)

I look around at the windowless walls and the drop ceilings. That’s it.

“We have to climb through the ceiling and drop down in a room close to the exit door,” I send to Morren and Ely.

“First, we have to stay quiet so the guards move on and search another area,” Morren sends back to us.

Dad sits on the floor near the small inside room where Morren had found him. They’ve already done testing on him and taken blood. Too much blood. I look at Tezzi in Morren’s arms. I hadn’t paid attention before that moment. She’s asleep, her head laying limply on Morren’s shoulder.

There is no way we will get them out like this. I look at Ely. She already knew. Her psychic superiority is irritating. I don’t want to rely on her and I don’t trust her. But we’re stuck in a room and there is no way my dad and little sister will make an escape.

“You can come back for them,” I hear her say in my head.

“Shut up!” I shoot back in our physically silent exchange.

Morren looks at me again. He hadn’t heard her, only me and assumes I’m being rude to Ely again. I am, but he doesn’t understand why.

(read and comment on my WIP here)

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A Special Gift to You – Free E-Books

Books Available on Amazon Anniversary(1)

On December 26th I woke up with a vision for a book that would launch me into 2016 and into following a dream I’d let lie dormant for too long.

I chose to be an author. I chose to write. I chose to create worlds that left the confines of my mind to be given breathe through the stroke of each finger against black keys that brought life to words as they went from thought to screen.

In honor of that, I am sharing my stories with you. Beginning December 26th through December 30th several of my books will be completely free to download.

Following are the books I’ve published in 2016. Please take advantage of this gift and download and read as many as you want over the days they are set to free. You may also share and give this gift to others.

A Special Thank You Gift in Honor of my One Year Anniversary(1)

Enjoy the following:

Travel to the future in my Chosen series saga with the building suspension and diversity of Chosen, my debut sci-fi book.

Experience the modern world through the eyes of Goldilocks as she discovers of magic, evil, and love in Out of the Woods.

Take a walk into a paranormal world where a simple mistake could cost an innocent girl her life in Crossed: The Karma Crusades. – This is free to read on Wattpad.

See what a simple bench holds in The Wait, an intriguing short-story.

For aspiring writers, get my book of tips, suggestions, prompts, and resources, FOCUS: How to Write a Four Week First Draft (Use a simple tool I used to stay on task and accountable).

For those with an interest in dowsing and development of spiritual gifts my best-selling book Pendulums and Protection: An Introduction is a great start to developing your intuition.

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Author A. Bernette Speaks at the 2016 Decatur Book Festival

What a fun time I had last weekend at the AJC Decatur Book Festival. You can watch my talk (and maybe even see me in the shadows).

I met some nice people and happy to autograph copies of both Chosen and Crossed.

Do you have a book club that reads sci-fi or fantasy? I would love to come, meer your group, and talk. Just send me a message.

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This Weekend Only – Chosen Gift


Get Chosen as a Gift this weekend.

Today, Saturday the 3rd thru Monday you can get Chosen for free and help out an emerging author.

Just send me your email address and I will gift the book to you. My goal is to get Chosen in the hands of more readers and to boost my rankings on Amazon. I can’t do it without you.

So to help me get more visibility and get a great novel send me your email and then once you get norice of the gift, download the book that day. You don’t have to start reading it, but you do need to download it thay day.

We both get something and you are helping out an auth9. If you want to keave a review after reading, I woukd definitely appreciate that as well.

Thanks and happy reading.

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Chosen Book Launch Party Fun


What a fun time we had at my #Chosen book launch Saturday evening. There was a good turnout and everyone who stayed for the interactive readings took the stage. Definitely some undiscovered talent in the house!

I turned a few select scenes into scripts for the stage readings and got everyone involved. People left excited to read the book and find out more about the scenes the watched or helped act out.

If you are thinking about a book launch party, I encourage you to consider ways to get the audience involved. Planning a book launch party can be tough enough without all the pressure of reading from a book  yourself. Scripting it out helped take the pressure and focus off of me, the author, and put it where I wanted it to be – the people who came out for the book.

Still dreaming about writing your book or trying to figure out what you are going to write? Get my book FOCUS: How to Write a Four Week First Draft and get focused to finish that first draft.


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Normal? What is That?


I’ve never been normal so don’t plan to start now. ‪#‎metaphysics‬ ‪#‎scifi ‪#‎paranormal‬ ‪#‎diversityinthought‬ ‪#‎diverseabilities‬ ‪#‎diverseappearances‬ intrigue me so I bring it into what I write. You want one flavor, look elsewhere. I’m bringing all the flavors. ‪#‎psychicmedium‬ ‪#‎writer‬ ‪#‎justsaying‬ ‪#‎iamwhoiam‬ ‪#‎lovingme‬ ‪#‎canyouhandlethis‬ ‪#‎epic‬

Why? Because life is complicated and so are the people in it. There is no one size fits all and barely a one size fits most. We’re in this pressure cooker together and in order to make it through it takes work. Work that must be done individually and collectively. I’m not an island and neither are you. I love this reality. I love being connected not just with my fellow humans sharing this planet but with something greater that we cannot sense with the limited abilities of our physical senses.

Thankfully, I’m not ‘normal’ and see things, feel things, and know things differently. I appreciate the differences I bring and the differences each unique creation brings. There is absolutely something special and worthy in all of us that yearns to be expressed and I try to capture that in the stories I tell. Whether it is in my epic series Chosen or in the paranormal thriller novella Crossed: The Karma Crusades, or my latest novella Out of the Woods you’ll find that each person must tap into something special.

I hope you’ll enjoy the adventures I bring and all the flavors.


Chosen Cover TheWAIT-Paranormal Short Story Crossed(2) OUT of the WOODS - compressed for web



















FOCUS: How to Write a 4 Week First Draft Cover Kindle Pendulums and Protection Cover Image Amazon

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