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A. Bernette is an author, writer, musician, and speaker in addition to being wife to a wonderful husband and mom to two amazing kids.

She writes across multiple genres, refusing to be limited or defined by the tradition of only writing in one genre. What fun is that? She also enjoys bringing diverse characters into her stories. Bernette embraces exploring her creativity.

My works are primarily available on Amazon. You may preview Chosen on Wattpad, read all of Crossed: The Karma Crusades, and get a sneak-peak at Into the Deep on Wattpad as well.

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FOCUS: How to Write a 4 Week First Draft Cover Kindle PENDULUMS AND PROTECTION(10)

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African-American Female Author living in the South.

A. Bernette is a Black American woman writer of stories in the genres of science-fiction, paranormal, and fantasy that appeal to diverse people while including diverse characters, thoughtful and smart story lines, and inspiring concepts.