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into the deep

From Chapter 3 of Into the Deep

It’s the story of 2 siblings who are immune to a virus that has ravaged Earth and must escape, with the help of an alien who they blame for what happened on Earth. A simple plan to escape and return turns into something much bigger when they find themselves on a new planet that compels them to go deeper to free the oppressed.


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I look around at the windowless walls and the drop ceilings. That’s it.

“We have to climb through the ceiling and drop down in a room close to the exit door,” I send to Morren and Ely.

“First, we have to stay quiet so the guards move on and search another area,” Morren sends back to us.

Dad sits on the floor near the small inside room where Morren had found him. They’ve already done testing on him and taken blood. Too much blood. I look at Tezzi in Morren’s arms. I hadn’t paid attention before that moment. She’s asleep, her head laying limply on Morren’s shoulder.

There is no way we will get them out like this. I look at Ely. She already knew. Her psychic superiority is irritating. I don’t want to rely on her and I don’t trust her. But we’re stuck in a room and there is no way my dad and little sister will make an escape.

“You can come back for them,” I hear her say in my head.

“Shut up!” I shoot back in our physically silent exchange.

Morren looks at me again. He hadn’t heard her, only me and assumes I’m being rude to Ely again. I am, but he doesn’t understand why.

(read and comment on my WIP here)

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